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Finance & Accounts

Business Plan:
NCA helps you in developing a methodical business plan, with emphasis on the financial aspects - the need for finance, working capital/long term finance, the relevant papers necessary, sanctions, documentation and other issues.

Capital Structuring:
NCA's viability report refers to the prevalent costs in comparable units elsewhere in India. This includes details like arriving at the cost of the project, the means of finance and the best cost of funds required.

Institutional Finance:
Through its experience and understanding of the project financing domain, NCA helps you in identifying an acceptable financial institution for financing the project.

Corporate Taxation:
It is absolutely essential that statutory systems be adhered to. NCA enlightens you of the various statutory dues like Sales Tax, Income Tax, Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Tax Deducted at Source and fulfillment of export obligations, if any.

Start-up Accounting:
A start-up company needs to follow accounting procedures more diligently. Since the various affairs of the company are in the process of settling down, a periodic analysis of financial records is necessary to arrive at the exact Statement of Affairs of the company. NCA helps the client in this aspect.

   Audits & Legal

All incorporated companies in India need to appoint a Chartered Accountant for the annual audit of the accounts of the company and for filing of the returns to the Registrar of Companies India. In the event of Income of the company being in excess of Rs. 4 Million (approx. 90,000 $) there is a need to present accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant, irrespective of being an incorporated entity or not. NCA is conversant with the procedures involved in the filing of returns.

Setting up Financial Systems:
It is essential that a company establish a system of rigorous financial procedures for the long-term health of the company. NCA ensures that the client organization document the statutory records, the pattern of equity holding, status of approvals for the equity holding and eligibility to transfer the holding.

NCA's sphere of work with the client includes review of the property documents and verification of titles, documenting status of the borrowings, securitisation of assets, status of patents and trademarks held by the company.

Top Management practices:
Corporate governance ensures that all issues relating to the status and verification of litigation, independent audit, preparation of statements are in accordance with the prevailing laws.
   Regulatory Aspects

Establishing an Entity:
NCA ensures that all organization gets name approvals for the proposed entity and other aspects. This includes incorporation of the company, preparation of Joint Venture agreements between the Indian company and foreign company and registration of investment with appropriate authority.

Investment Approvals:
This includes decision on the investing entity and their eligibility to invest in India. We suggest the route of investment in the company in India based on double taxation treaties that are favourable to the investor. It also includes obtaining approvals from Reserve Bank Of India/ Foreign Investment Promotion Board for the proposed holding and the fixation of transfer price between associate companies.

Statutory Approvals, Licensing & Registration with regulatory bodies :
We help you to obtain approvals for the establishment of your facility, which may include the STPI (Software Technology Parks Of India) or other relevant authorities. This includes verification and execution of legal documents for the facility proposed, bonding of facility for duty free imports and facilitating import of capital goods. Ancillary approvals from other agencies such as Pollution control Board, Shops and establishments are also done.

Ensuring compliance with Labour, Commercial, Industrial Laws:
A company operating in India has to comply with the statutory requirements of labour, commercial and industrial departments. We have the knowledge and understanding of the bureaucratic procedures involved to enable the client to conduct business smoothly in India.

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