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Facilitators for Business in India
Narayanan, Chaudhuri & Associates (NCA) is a Chartered Accountancy practice established in Bangalore, India in 1988. The focus of the practice since inception has been in the field of assisting start ups and businesses to grow and expand. As India liberalized its economy and moved towards global integration NCA has actively pursued its objective of being business facilitators, providing valuable inputs in the areas of Foreign Direct Investment, Regulatory issues, Statutory approvals, Viability studies, Joint Ventures, Collaboration agreements, Financial structuring, Management of Projects, Double Taxation treaties and post set up being an outsource partner for accounting, payroll and furnishing of Management Information Reports to overseas Partners/Holding Companies.

NCA has also assisted Indian companies establish subsidiaries and offices in USA, UK and Europe. This has resulted in an understanding of business practices worldwide. NCA has worked with businesses spread over a wide geographical area spanning Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Korea in the Far east, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Russia in Eurasia, Israel, Dubai in the Middle east, United States, Canada in North America and Mauritius, South Africa in the African Continent. NCA has associates specialized in various aspects of establishing a start up such as Legal, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Manpower and post set up services including insurance, relocation etc.

Kiranmoy Roy Chaudhuri
Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
+ 91 98440 16062

Sathya N Visweswaran
Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
+ 91 98440 16063

Ashok Raghavan
Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
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Meera B
Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
+ 91 98455 09598
Our Clients
Electronics and Software
  • Assisted the World’s largest manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Solutions Head Quartered in USA establish their manufacturing facilities in Bangalore. The manufacturing operations have grown from US $ 2 Mio. In 1998 to US $ 250 Mio. in 2003. The assignment included, Approval for Investment, Approval for Borrowings, all statutory and legal clearances, Conversion of Manufacturing unit to an Export oriented unit with attendant benefits such as Income Tax holiday till 2010, finalization and approval of collaboration agreements and on an ongoing basis all statutory interface with the governmental departments such as Excise, Customs, Director General Foreign Trade and Reserve Bank Of India.
  • Facilitated the establishment of an offshore development centre for a telecom software company listed in Nasdaq. The assignment consisted of all legal and statutory clearances, Approval for borrowings and start up administration and accounting.
  • Facilitated the start up of an off shore development center for a documentation software company head quartered in the Silicon Valley. The assignment was initially for obtaining all the legal approvals and clearances from the government and assisting in start up administration and accounting. Subsequently assisted in the valuation and sale of the facility to another corporation in USA including obtaining approvals for transfer of shares and for repatriation of proceeds.
  • Consultants for the establishment of an off shore development center to manufacture software for in house consumption of a Fortune 1000 company in the Computer peripheral segment.
  • Obtained all approvals and clearances for establishment of software facility for a company owned by the Government of Vietnam.
  • Project consultancy for establishment of a software facility for computer scanning and printing for media and advertisements. The assignment commenced with the preparation of viability study and included financial syndication and establishment of the facility.
  • Consultants for the acquisition of a software company established Bangalore by a fortune 500 company in USA. The assignment included certification of the valuation and approval by Reserve Bank of India and the Government for the acquisition.
  • Consultants to a large Italian/French supplier of Electric Switches for their software facility in Bangalore. The responsibilities include all statutory approvals and clearances and advice on the best strategy to invest in India.
  • Advisors to a Venture fund in its divestment of Equity in a large software company in India. The assignment was to obtain the approvals form the various authorities for the said divestment and valuation and certification of the equity.
Textiles and Apparel
  • Project consultants for collaboration of a fortune 500 company in the apparel and retail segment in the USA with an Indian promoter for establishing a facility for manufacture of Lingerie. The scope of the assignment included project co ordination and management, advice on the collaboration agreement, syndication of finance, post set up monitoring and reporting, approvals from all governmental agencies and down stream management consultancy.
  • Project consultants for establishment of Wholly Owned Subsidiary of a Mauritian company for manufacture of Sweaters. The scope of assignment included project management and project funds administration in addition to obtaining all statutory approvals.
  • Preparation of viability study and project consultants for the establishment of a manufacturing facility for a leading Brand of Intimate garments. The licensees of the brand for Asia Pacific are based in Philippines and the assignment included all approvals and syndication of finance.
  • Consultants and facilitators for a French company for establishment of a manufacturing facility to produce Woolen apparel. The assignment was comprehensive and included all aspects of project management commencing from identification of land thro’ till operations were stabilized.
  • Yarn dyed cotton weaving and processing unit at Bangalore, Conceiving the project with technical consultants; conducting extensive techno-economic viability studies/working out demand supply trends in the global environment. Syndication of term loan finance from financial institution (Foreign Currency & Rupee Loan).and Venture Capital Funding. Procurement of necessary clearances, approvals from the Government both at the Centre and State.
  • Project consultants to a UK group establishing a manufacturing facility for Knitted fabric, Process house and Printing. Conceiving the project with Overseas consultants; Syndication of term loan finance from financial institution (Foreign Currency & Rupee Loan), Procurement of necessary clearances, approvals from the Government both at the Centre and State.
  • Project management for a French knitwear company relocating their manufacturing facility from Mauritius to India. The scope of services was complete administration of the project and all approvals for the relocation.
Other Foreign Companies Investing In India
  • Advisors and consultants for the conversion of a branch office of, a German group producing equipment for the manufacture of work stations, into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary. Advised on “slump sale” and takeover of assets and approval of the scheme by the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India.
  • Advisors and consultants for a manufacturer for hinges from Germany to establish a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India.
  • Conception of a scheme for a very well known brand holder for royalty on the utilization of their brand in India. The scheme necessitates adherence to standards for royalty in India and approvals form the Government for the proposed business model.
  • Consultants to a German company manufacturing tools for machineries used in the manufacture of Furniture on set up and operation of a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India.
  • Consultants to one of the largest manufacturer of Medical Equipment in establishing a joint venture with a large Pharmaceutical group in India. The joint venture was for a day care medical facility in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
  • Consultants to an Israeli company engaged in Floriculture. The scope of services included all approvals for the establishment of the facility in Bangalore, syndication of finance, interface and syndication of Venture Capital for the project.
  • Outsource partner in areas of accounting and audit for a large Swedish auto conglomerate with facilities for manufacture of Heavy vehicles in India.
  • Advisors to a leading Advertising group based in USA in their Joint venture investment with an Indian group.
  • Advisors to an Australian advertising group in its acquisition of the equity held by their Joint Venture Indian Partner. The assignment consists of obtaining approval for the acquisition of the equity from the government and Reserve Bank Of India

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